Pete’s Report – Delaware River, Upper Chesapeake Bay, Lake Champlain

MAY 2, 2012
Delaware River:
Water Conditions – Clear/Stained
Water Temps – 52-57 degrees
Bass Fishing Rating – Excellent
Techniques – Finesse fishing
Bass Stage – pre spawn
Pete’s Comments – The Delaware River is very clear this year. The lack of snow has resulted in very clear water and temps in advance of what is normally seen this time of year. The bass are firmly in thier pre spawn patterns and are very close initiating some spawning activity over the next couple of weeks. When the fish move into these patterns, finesse fishing usually rules the day.
Upper Chesapeake Bay:
Water Condition – Clear
Water Temps – 58-60 degrees
Bass Fishing Rating – Good
Techniques – Power/Finesse
Bass Stage – Spawn/pre spawn
The Upper Bay has also benefitted from the lack of snow fall and warm spring tempatures. The spawn has begun and with stable conditions predicted for the next couple of weeks I expect to see some significant spawning activity taking place. Bass can be caught with power techniques in the prespawn pattern and finesse strategies can catch big bass off the beds. The spawn is on!
Lake Champlain:
Water Conditions – Low and Clear
Water Temps – 48-50 degreees
Bass Fishing Rating – Always good on Champ
Techniques – Power Fishing
Bass Stage – Pre Spawn
I haven’t been up on the big water yet this year. The lack of snow melt this year has left Champlain low and at summertime lake levels. My first trips will take place beginning on May 16th and I still have openings. The fishing on Champlain never disappoints as it is consistantly ranked as one of the top ten lakes in the world.  My available dates are posted on the site.

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