Upper Chesapeake Bay – On-Water Training Report 7-27-12

Weather:  Extreme Heat 100 degrees, partly cloudy, calm north wind
Water:  86 degrees, clear to stained
Depth Fish Were Caught:  1-3 feet
Most Productive Lure:  Chatterbait 3/8oz black/blue and white
Pattern:  Fishing in and around eelgrass and milfoil mix.
Results; 26 bass from 2-6 pounds

Upper Bay Double
This is Chris with a pair of nice Upper Bay Summertime largemouth caught during and On-water Training day.

The bass are strong in their summertime patterns.  The milfoil in some of the flats is beginning to die off and be replaced with eel grass and other vegetation.  The fry of the year are about an inch long and are scattered all over the grassy flats.  This is continuing to drive the food chain.  Yellow perch, white perch, blue gills and all other bait fish on the bay are continuing to feed on the fry and the big bass and catfish are  feeding on the larger bait fish.
Look for areas that have mixes of grass and some good depth changes nearby.   On the flats, you’re not looking for major depth changes, just a foot or two of additional depth near some good grass can be enough to concentrate bass.   Eel grass patterns will begin to strengthen as the milfoil continues to disappear though the summer.
Other baits that catch them on the flats right now.  The chatterbait bite continues to thrive on the bay in addition to many other techniques.  Pete’s Quiet Killer is great crank bait around the shallow grass when the bite gets tough.  The frog bite is going strong on the bay.  Both types of frogs seem to be excelling on the flats.  The hollow body frogs as well as the buzz frogs are working well when you find the bass.   Spinner baits are getting it done when you have some wind and the Death shimmer is tough to beat – 3/8ounce white/chartreuse single silver Colorado blade.  My flipping bait of choice has been the Biffle bug and Power Team Lures texas rigged Jig 3.5.
You can find all of these baits at www.sfttackle.com
Summer time is a great time to fish the flats.  My available dates for a guide trip or some on-water training are below:
July 30,31
August 1,2,3,6-8, 20-22, 27-31
To reserve a date, call me at (609)805-2280 or email me at pete_gluszek@msn.com

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