Grass and Docks on the Bay

Terry with a nice 4# class largemouth caught on the Upper Chesapeake bay in late June.   Most of the bass, stripers, carp and other fish have spawned on the bay.  This has made a mix of fry soup that can be found on every grass bed and piece of cover located on the bay and all of its tributaries.  Terry was interested in learning about how to read the grass beds and pattern fish on the bay.  We developed several patterns this day including a great bite in and around the grass beds as well as some dock fishing.

Largemouth fishing
Big Bass 100 degree weather
The conditions were bright and sunny, hot and humid.  The air temps were about 100 degrees and some of the water we fished was pushing 80 degrees.  The bass didn’t mind and they were shallow and feeding heavily on white perch, yellow perch, blue gills and anything else trying to feed on the abundant fry present all over the bay.  I’m sure Terry will be fishing with great confidence on his next trip on the bay and any other body of water with abundant vegetation.

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