Hi Pete, We had a great time on Monday. I may have to trash the red line. We will be up at lake ostego in august. Should be fun. Please keep me up to date on Bass U for 2013.

See you soon



Lake Champlain Bass
Pete,We had a great time and learned a lot, especially when and how to use suspended jerkbaits. We saw how you patterned the fish and we can definitely put that to use. My main goal was to ensure that Austin had a good time and I know he had a great time – we talked bass fishing the whole way home. He wants to get into using baitcasters and learning how to skip baits under docks. There is so much to this sport and we’re just beginning to scratch the surface – hopefully we’ll get a little bit better each time we’re on the water. I also know it won’t be our last trip to the Champ! The place is pristine with endless fishing opportunities. Thanks for all of your help and on-the-water training. Best of luck w/ Bass U. and your future tournament endeavors.

Terry Reed


I’ve been to lake Okeechobee for four days and caught just as big as bass in two days with Pete on the Upper Chesapeake!

Top notch first class guide, not only caught a lot of big fish learned a lot as well!

Mike Webb


Chesapeake Bay Largemouth Bass

Our trip on the upper Chesapeake was a great learning experience for me. I have been fishing there sporadically for 30+ years, and our day on the water significantly improved my understanding of the fishery. I look forward to more trips, and more learning with you. I know we did not have a scale, but I have been in the boat with 10 lb+ fish. The one you caught on 6 lb test line looked every bit to be 10 lbs or more! Don’t forget the scale next time!

Pat Sells


I knew I was going to be in for a treat that day we went fishing, but what I didn’t realize was I would catch the biggest largemouth in my life! Your ability to figure out the pattern and then teach me what to do was amazing. Thanks for taking the video too, here it is!


pete's guide service customer


Thanks you for providing a great day of fishing and teaching on the flats – your insight should help out a lot. I learned more in that one day then I have in 5+ years fishing tidal water.

Your service and expertise is top notch and I would highly recommend a ” day on the lake” with you to anyone.

I’m looking forward to our next outing, and attending future seminars at Bass University.

Once more, thank you for an awesome day of fishing. Who said the fish don’t bite in 100+ degree temperature – guess they forgot to tell the fish.


Gary Kernop