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Come Fish the Northeast’s
Upper Chesapeake or Delaware River.

Welcome to Pro Angler and Bass Guide Pete Gluszek. I would like to invite you to come spend a day bass fishing on the Upper Chesapeake or the Delaware River. Or better yet, come spend a day of fun and learning on one of my Special Fishing (lesson) Locations. I have lived near and fished the Delaware River and the Upper Chesapeake for over twenty years.  A lot of people don’t know what a great bass fishery they have right in their back yard.

Have you always wondered what it was like to fish with a Pro on one of those great bodies of water that the pros fish on Television? Here is your chance!

Pete’s over 15 years of tournament competition experience allows him to assist his fishing customers in any fishing endeavor they undertake. Pete’s passion is tournament fishing. He has won tournaments at all levels of both the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society and the FLW Outdoors tournament trails.  He has spent eight years fishing the Bassmaster Tournament Trails: Top 100, Top 150, Tour, Opens and Invitational’s.
The Delaware River and the Upper Chesapeake offer some of the most exciting bass fishing that the Northeast has to offer. As a Full Time Pro angler and Bass Fishing Guide, I have the experience and knowledge clients are looking for so that they can get the very best Bass Fishing trip. Catching bass and creating memories that last a lifetime are what my bass fishing guide trips are all about! Because I specialize in bass fishing with artificial lures, you will have the opportunity to learn proven tactics as well as the latest cutting edge techniques to catch bass and improve your bass fishing skills. Spending a day on the water with Pete Gluszek you can expect much more during your trip than just catching bass. You will come away with a real understanding of what bass fishing is all about so that when you go home you can catch more and bigger bass yourself!

As required by law, I carry the United States Coast Guard license to guide on these waters. I carry the required current county business license and full commercial insurance.

I have dedicated my life to the sport of fishing, and to the preservation of our resources so that we may all continue to benefit from our natural outdoors.
In order to ensure a successful trip it is necessary for your expectations to be realistic based on our previous trips.

guide service rates

Full Day – Delaware River and Upper Chesapeake Bay – $500
Full Day – Hudson River, Lake Champlain, Potomac River and special arrangement trips – $500
Half Day (Delaware River Only) – $300
All prices include up to two people

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